Water Wise


Water, the elixir of life, is much more than a natural source of energy, and an element that makes 70 percent of our body. It can replenish, nourish, moisturize dead cells, kidneys, and many other parts of the body and skin. Kidneys are organs in the human body that are responsible for eradicating waste from the body, especially in liquid form and maintaining the chemical balance of the body. Water facilitates the functioning of kidneys in many ways. It is a liquid waste that kidneys extract out from the body and maintains the chemical composition. Water facilitates the inflow of nutrients through the blood to the kidneys by keeping blood vessels open. Therefore it is evident that the right amount of water consumption is one of the simplest and easiest ways of restoring healthy and functional kidneys. Less or more intake of water than the essentiality can put your body at other ailments’ risk. However, the chances of the former are more than the latter to happen. Dehydration can disrupt the effective elimination of salts, chemicals from the body that can lead to the accumulation of salts in the body, causing problems like kidney stones, kidney failure, to name a few. Developing a habit of drinking water is an essentiality that promotes a healthy version of you.

Here are a few water drinking tips that can act as guiding points helping you to lubricate kidneys and keep them in perfect shape and function.

  • Choice of fluid

You have all the sugary syrups and soda bottles, giving you the choice of fluid entering your body, but the best one is simple and easy to get, without pinching your pocket much WATER. Another best option to have it readily available with you is carrying it along. Air-tight bottles and containers make it possible for you to carry it along anywhere and everywhere. Drinking it at short intervals prevents dehydration of the body and also re-energizes you.

  • Know-How much to drink?

Excess of everything is not good so, is the consumption of water. Regulate the amount of water you intake, as consuming too much, has no benefits. Break the myth that eight glasses of water a day is an essentiality for all Human beings. The need for water in your body depends on age, climate, health, and many other factors that vary individually and also affect the individual’s intake of water. People suffering from kidney failure or are undergoing dialysis need to restrict the amount of water they intake, while those suffering from infection or kidney stones should have ample gulps of water to throw away toxins from the body.

  • Know about the Symptoms prompting the need for water in your body.

The human body has a perfect signalling system that warns you before it hit malfunctioning. The body signals the deficiency of water in the body by giving signals like the colour of urine. It is dark yellow when intake of water is less, itching in eyes as they dry up and need a lubricant that keeps them moist, dry scars appear on the skin that lacks water that acts as a natural moisturizer.

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