Stomach problems in Jalandhar will make you visit a medical centre having specialists catering to stomach ailments that you suffer. Stomach problems vary in nature depending on their cause of occurrence.  Many stomach problems are related to the digestive tract. But there are many instances in medical history when the cause of stomach ailments rests in the urinary tract, reproductive organs, or organs of the chest. In females, the cause of stomach pain may be due to the menstrual cycle or infection, or other conditions of the reproductive organs.

Stomach pain that does not subside in a day or two needs medical consultation. Stomach problems that relate to digestive tract malfunctioning result from bacterial or parasitic infection, food intolerance, or allergic reaction, gastritis, liver disease, or celiac disease, to name a few. Stomach pain is indicative of malfunctioning of the organ of the body. Therefore, experts attempt to study and understand the cause behind the problem by studying other symptoms that accompany stomach problems. Stomach problems accompanied with Symptoms like blood in the stool, constipation, diarrhoea, cramping, nausea closely point out a problem with the digestive tract. Stomach problem due to kidney stones and other ailments in the urinary tract leads to blood in urine, less or increased frequency to urinate, itching and irritation and other complexities.

Experts recommend diagnostic tests to identify the cause behind and then start the treatment for the same. Diagnostic tests include all types of laboratory tests and physical examination. The doctor will press on the abdomen and other adjoining areas with a stethoscope to feel swelling, rigidity, or masses. If the physical examination does not warn, anything serious doctor will prescribe medicine for a problem. If he suspects constipation, he will avoid further testing and instead proceed with management suggestions. On another side, if there is a need to dig further, experts may recommend blood or imaging tests.