Getting affected by the kidney ailment will makes you search for a specialist in curing renal disease in Punjab. We can help you with your search by providing you excellent medical facilities to get rid of a kidney ailment.

Kidneys are bean shape fist-size body organs placed below the rib cage. They have million tiny structures called nephrons. They perform the function of filtering blood and removing the waste out from the body through urine. Many health problems affect nephrons and restrict or malfunction their ability to purify the blood.

Kidney damage shows up the signs of swelling in the ankles, nausea, weakness, poor sleep, and shortness of breath. The doctor will begin the diagnosis procedures that involve physical examination and blood, urine tests. As per the need, doctors may also suggest imaging tests like ultrasound and CT scan. Kidney biopsy helps the doctors to study and figure out kidney issues and problems.

Kidney disease treatment varies depending on the cause. Non-surgical procedures work best in eradicating kidney stones without involving long hours and a high risk of surgeries. Urinary tract infections very often get cured by medicines. Sometimes experts try to ease symptoms, help keep the disease becoming worse, and lessen complications by recommending different drugs. When kidney disease worsens, experts recommend dialysis.

Dialysis involves the waste removal from the body through machines when kidneys are so severely affected that they cannot perform the function. There are different types of dialysis that experts recommend considering other biological conditions of the body. Haemodialysis involves the use of machines to remove waste and extra fluid from the body. Peritoneal dialysis involves inserting a catheter into the abdomen from where the solution goes into the body and absorbs the waste and fluids. A kidney transplant is another way of treating end-stage renal disease in which the surgeon replaces a severely affected kidney with a healthy one from a donor.