Vesicoureteral Reflux (VUR)

Vesicoureteral Reflux is a problem more commonly observed in children and infants wherein the flow of urine is in the reverse direction. Liquid waste accumulates in the bladder after traveling through ureter from the kidneys, but a child suffering from Vesicoureteral Reflux has a reverse of the phenomena. The urine goes backward from the bladder into the Kidneys that lead to infection or damage to the kidneys. Symptoms of VUR are frequent urge for using washroom, pain while urinating, fever, blood in the urine. Consultation with a pediatric urologist is a must if you encounter such complaints from your child while using the toilet. Doctors diagnose the problem and look at its intensity level before starting the medications or recommending surgical procedures to eliminate the problem. As in many cases, it comes out that reflux of low intensity goes away with home care methods and procedures. If not so, a pediatrician can recommend regular usage of medicines, the process of deflux, or surgery depending on the intensity. For easy and safe recovery of your child from VUR consult pediatric urologists at Goel Kidney Care.


Posterior Urethral Valves problem is present in male infants. The obstructive membrane develops in the urethra that obstructs the outflow of urine. The problem originates in the fetal stage and is predictable while the baby is still in the womb calling for careful watch on the growth, functioning, and formation of kidneys till he becomes an adult. Any problem that a child encounters while urinating like pain, blood, or a small amount of urine , urge to use washroom time and again are prompting towards the problem of Posterior Urethral Valves. Surgical treatments include valve ablation or vesicostomy. Depending on the age and intensity of the problem, doctors choose and recommend surgical treatment. Goel Kidney care has a team of experts helping you to fight through it with their experience and excellence.

PUJ Obstruction

Some children are born with pelviureteric junction (PUJ, It is an obstruction blocking the flow of urine from kidneys to the bladder and deteriorating them. It is more common for a person to be born with it than acquire it at later stages of life. Intrinsic PUj occurs due to inner blockage while Extrinsic if, there is an outer agent like an extra blood vessel exerting pressure on PUJ and causing an obstruction. Treatment involves Open surgery, or laparoscopic. Goel kidney Care center has the best doctors performing it both ways. .