Some Kidney Facts


In healthy person every moment by the process of filtration waste products and water are continuously removed from the blood and urine formation occurs with the combination of waste products and water. Any moment if we measure the level of creatinine in the blood ( Serum creatinine level) it is around 1.0 – 1.3 mg%. In kidney failure patients due to continuous collection of creatinine and blood urea in the blood the level of S. Creatinine and Blood urea increases if it goes about 3mg% and patient starts developing symptoms like swelling of eyes, feet, nausea and vomiting, headache, weakness, loss of appetite then dialysis is require. Options Failed kidneys do not work properly to remove waste products from the blood. So with help of haemodialysis machine we remove waste product from the blood. One can not to do haemodialysis more than 4 hours otherwise patient become haemodynamically unstable.

Myth: Once dialysis done lifetime repeated dialysis is require.

Fact: There are two types of kidney failure:

• Temporary (Acute) kidney (Renal) failure (ARF)
• Permanent (chronic) kidney(renal) failure ( CRF)

In fever like malaria Acute kidney failure occurs so kidney temporarily stops working. In that case 2-3 haemodialysis require to support the kidney to start its work again. In chronic failure both kidneys are permanently damaged and size of both kidney are reduced (small sized kidney). So in that case lifetime repeated dialysis requires.

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