Many people suffering from kidney ailments look for Nephrology in Punjab. They want to consult a specialist who can win over kidney ailments and have healthy kidneys.

Kidneys are bean-shaped, located below the ribcage on either side of the spine. They perform a vital function of removing waste and excess fluid from the blood, maintaining electrolyte balance in the body, and releasing hormones to maintain blood pressure.

Nephrologists understand the working of kidneys in detail and depth. They attain a degree in internal medicine and complete a two-year fellowship in the nephrology specialty after completing their medical school. The intensive study gives them the knowledge and clinical skills required to be a nephrologists.

Everything from a kidney infection to kidney failure falls within the horizon of nephrologists. Specialists treat and diagnose kidney ailments that are direct or result from other aversive health conditions. Heart disease, diabetes, or autoimmune body conditions affect kidney functioning, making them prone to failures and damages.

Nephrologists involve in performing a variety of tests and procedures or interpreting the results. Blood tests help them to analyze the efficiency of kidneys. It provides information about blood filtering, the amount of creatinine in kidneys, and blood urea. The high amount of creatinine and blood urea are the warning signs of kidney malfunctioning. Urine tests help in studying abnormal amounts of blood, glucose, protein, or bacteria. Creatinine ratio in a 24-hour urine sample also helps in evaluating the functioning of the kidney. Apart from the tests, specialists also recommend imaging tests, ultrasounds, and CT scans. Kidney biopsies many times are part of treatment and sometimes diagnosis procedure that provides insight about kidney dysfunctionalities.

After diagnosing the kidney ailments, the nephrologists recommend the treatment process that best caters to your specific kidney problem. It can range from putting you on medicines to recommending kidney dialysis or a transplant in an extreme case.