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A kidney transplant is a surgical process of transplanting a healthy kidney from a living or deceased donor into a person whose kidneys no longer function properly. The process needs experts performing it because of the various complexities it has. Experts need to study the physiology of the person undergoing a kidney transplant in detail. They need to analyze whether a person is healthy enough to have surgery and tolerate lifelong post-transplant medications. Does he have medical records and conditions that can affect the transplant success. The evaluation process needs the experts to recommend various tests of the receiver. It includes blood tests, imaging test, psychological evaluation, and many other details that experts think is essential for successful transplantation.

After experts obtain a satisfactory report of matched blood typing and tissue typing of the donor and receiver, they undergo a cross match test. It involves mixing the blood sample of the receiver and donor in a lab. The cross match test concludes how antibodies in the receiver’s bodies react against specific antigens in the donor’s blood.

During the transplantation, general anaesthesia keeps the person unconscious.  A team of experts monitors heart rate, blood pressure, and blood oxygen level throughout the procedure. The surgeon removes the non-functional kidney and replaces it with new. The new kidney blood vessels are attached to the blood vessels of the receiver’s body in the lower abdomen. The bladder of the receiver connects to the ureter of the new kidney.

After the transplantation team of the medical staff does continue monitoring of body conditions. One needs to be in the hospital unless new kidneys start functioning like receivers own kidneys and experts feel satisfied with the results and records of tests after the transplantation.