Kidney stone treatment in Punjab is what people look for when they want a specialist to consider their matter.

Kidney stones can develop anywhere along the urinary tract, causing pain and discomfort to the person. As they vary in size and place of occurrence, they differ in type as well. Calcium stones result due to a high intake of food rich in calcium oxalate that includes food items like potato chips, peanut, and chocolate, to name a few. Acidic urine can lead to the formation of kidney stones rich in uric acid. Increased intake of animal proteins, such as fish, shellfish, and meat, increase your chances of developing kidney stones. Kidney infections also give rise to struvite. These stones can be large and cause urinary obstruction. Cystine is a rare type of kidney stone that occurs due to a genetic disorder in which cystine leaks from the kidneys into the urine.

You put yourself at the risk of developing kidney stones if your kidneys make less than 1 litre of urine per day. It points out the need to drink ample water so that kidneys can remove chemicals and minerals from the body through urine. Other factors that put you at risk of kidney stones are obesity, frequent high-level protein, salt, or glucose diets, and taking medications with high calcium content.

Many times person remains unaware of the presence of stones in the kidney. They show up warning signs when they pass into the ureters and get lodged, causing severe pain. Ureters are small and delicate making, it difficult for the stones to pass smoothly down the ureter to the bladder, causing spasms and irritation and blood in the urine.

Physical examination, Imaging tests help the experts diagnose the nature of kidney stones followed by recommending different treatment procedures to do away with them.