Kidney disease in Punjab needs you to visit a specialist who can help you with any and every kind of kidney ailment. We have expert staff and a technically advanced clinic to cater to all your kidney needs.

Kidneys perform the function of waste removal from the blood and body and purify the blood.  Other kidney functions include making red blood cells, regulate electrolytes and activate vitamin D.

Aversive health conditions like diabetes, blood pressure, and many other ailments can interfere with Kidney functioning and lead to kidney failure. Ironically kidney damage does not warn you with the symptoms till much of the damage, or a doctor may discover you have kidney ailment while doing lab tests for another health reason. However, some conditions that need the person to report to the specialist are swelling in the arms legs, itching, feeling drowsy, and loss of appetite, to name a few.

Changes or disruptions in the blood flow to the kidney can occur due to heart or liver failure that can damage the kidneys to a great extent.  Bladder, cervical or prostate cancer, enlarged prostate, kidney stones, and nerve damage blocks the passage of urine leaving from kidneys causing kidney ailment. Blood clots, cholesterol deposits directly attack the kidneys.

Depending on the cause, specialists recommend and start with the diagnosis and treatment procedures. Blood tests, imaging tests, and Urine tests are a few amongst the vast diagnosis procedures that help experts study the cause, nature, and intensity of kidney ailment.

Less severe kidney problems and infections heal by themselves or through medicines and diet, and lifestyle changes. Severe Kidney failure needs the person to undergo dialysis on a routine basis. In extreme cases, there may arise the need for a Kidney transplant.

Promoting healthy functioning of Kidneys also depends on the health-conscious attitude of the person. Drinking ample water, routine exercise, avoiding alcohol, and smoking works to a great benefit.