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Many times, Kidney damage is the result of other health problems. They harm kidneys slowly, most of the time giving no warning signs for the damage they have done. Slowly and steadily, unpaid attention to kidneys will make your kidneys less and less able to do their job, which may lead to chronic kidney disease, and in extreme cases, it results in end-stage renal disease or ESRD for short.

Health problems mainly responsible for disrupting kidney function are Diabetes, High blood pressure, and autoimmune system. Sometimes urinary tract problems and heart attacks cause kidneys to stop working suddenly. However, kidneys can restore normal functioning in such situations through treatments and medical care.

Treatment options for kidney failure restrict to medicines in less severe cases and kidney transplants or dialysis in end-stage renal disease. There are different types of dialysis available. Doctors recommend as per the need and suitability of the patient. Haemodialysis involves diverting blood into the filtering machine before returning it to the body. Peritoneal dialysis involves pumping dialysis fluid into the stomach that draws out waste products from the blood.

Taking care and adjusting to kidney failure is a lot in the hands of the person. Medical advice and changes in diet and lifestyle systems help a person to adapt to changing physiological needs. Dependency on dialysis is not the sole solution. One can adopt supportive treatment procedures that include medical, psychological, and practical care for both the person with kidney failure and their family. It needs a person and his family, loved ones to bring changes in lifestyle and dietary measures that help kidneys function for a long time. Medicines help protect your remaining kidney function and treat other symptoms resulting from kidney failures like anaemia, loss of appetite, or itchy skin.