Looking for hypertension treatment in Jalandhar means that you are suffering from problems of high blood pressure. High blood pressure is the root cause of many ailments that make it mandatory to treat it on time and regulate it.

High blood pressure means that blood is pressing against the arteries with force and can lead to artery damage. The cause behind hypertension can be malfunctioning in different systems like the heart, arteries, veins, kidneys, and brain. Hypertension that results due to age or genetic factors falls into the primary category. Hypertension, for any other reason, falls into the second category.

Secondary hypertension results due to any number of physiological and psychological disturbances. It is common these days to see people suffering from obstructive sleep due to environmental stress and anxiety. Adrenalin alterations in the system due to obstructive sleep causes fatigue and many complications, including high blood pressure. Obesity is another factor that contributes to hypertension. It obstructs sleep and thus affects hypertension both ways. Kidneys regulate the chemical composition of the body. Malfunctioning of kidneys can increase these hormone levels causing the blood pressure to increase. Sometimes the drugs we take to cure other health ailments increase blood pressure significantly.

Diagnosing blood pressure and treating it is an easy task in today’s advanced world of medical science. Wrapping around an arm blood pressure cuff gives two readings. The top number is called the “systolic blood pressure” and measures the pressure when your heart pumps. The bottom is the “diastolic blood pressure” and measures pressure when your heart relaxes. Symptoms of hypertension include headache, loss of sleep, blurry vision, which if left untreated, can turn into symptoms of stroke, heart attack, heart failure. There are medicines that doctors prescribe to control the blood pressure after understanding the cause behind hypertension.