Ghee Good or Bad for patients with Kidney Disease


Ghee is a product that has high demand and quantity in North Indian foods. Many of the north Indian dishes either do not taste best without ghee, and there are many that taste better only when cooked in ghee.

Consumption of ghee does not risk your health unless you indulge in the activities that cause you to burn calories and fats. It leads to the outflow of excess fats, and not letting the fat deposits block arteries, veins, heart, and affect the health of other organs like the kidney and lungs. However, in the modern era, the changing nature of work due to advanced technological innovations do not leave much space for us to burn the calories through our workload and the ways we do it. Accelerators instead of stairs, Air conditioners allowing no spec of sweat on the body, are few of the lifestyle habits we all are habitual of and cannot withstand their withdrawals.

Well! In that situation, we need to switch to another part, change in dietary habits. Reduce and restrict the food items in diet plans that can be the cause of worry. Ghee, unfortunately, is one among many other food items that can cause health issues specifically related to Heart and Kidneys. It is not a very healthy item to be on the diet chart of a person suffering any Kidney ailment because of the characteristics it possesses. Nitrogen metabolites that ghee or other protein-rich substance produces in the body cause pressure on renal excretions. It also accentuates blood pressure and cholesterol levels that can further worsen the situations in the case of Kidney patients. Dairy products have a high concentration of phosphorous, calcium, and protein that need to be regulated when it comes to planning a diet chart of the kidney patient.

Diet is a prime and natural factor that can help us to promote our health. It is the source of all vitamins, nutrients, and minerals we need to for our body to grow and develop. Choose wisely and eat selectively to have a healthy life. Know more about diet plans, diet habits, diet charts for patients at Goel Kidney Care centre, and help them to fight Kidney diseases and dysfunctionalities.

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