“First center in Punjab with the facility of advanced THULIUM Laser for Prostate and HOLMIUM Laser for Kidney Stone Operation.”

RIRS – Retrograde Intrarenal Surgery is to remove renal stones by reaching the kidney through ureter. The procedure involves the use of fibre optic endoscopic tube Holmium. The RIRS surgery is increasingly in demand as it is a reliable, safe, and efficient method in removing renal stones with minimum morbidity.

Thulium laser prostatectomy is an effective and safe way of treating enlarged prostate glands. It is an example of modifications medical devices are making at every step to minimize the pain and recovery period for patients during and after surgery.  The modified operating system technicalities make it more compatible for surgeons to use it.  It makes less noise, needs less time to cool, and requires no extra power supply. It is more often in demand for ENT, laparoscopic kidney surgeries, and gynaecology procedures..

Facilities Available

  • List ItemTHULIUM Laser for Prostate Surgery

  • HOLMIUM Laser for Stone- RIRS

  • Laparoscopic Procedures

  • Nephrology/Dialysis Support

  • Renal Transplantation

  • Andrology – Male Infertility & Sexual Disorders

  • 24 Hour ICU Care

  • Fully Equipped Laboratories.