Come to the best Kidney Hospital in srinagar when it comes to getting diagnosis and treatment for kidney ailments. Advanced technologies and modern mechanisms of diagnosing and treating the kidney ailments that we have make us pioneers. Kidney stones are most common, along with urinary tract infections that can affect any male and female of any age. Some kidney stones pass through the urine without treatment and causing any pain, while others stuck in the urinary tract are painful and need treatment.

Different types of kidney stone surgeries and procedures help in getting rid of kidney stones. Experts recommend the surgery after analyzing the diagnostic reports of the person.

Shock wave lithotripsy is successful in breaking away small or medium size kidney stones. It is non-invasive that makes use of high-energy shock waves to break up the stone into small pieces. Experts insert a stent in the ureter that helps the fragment of stone pass.

Ureteroscopy is suitable for treating the stone in the kidney and ureter. Experts pass a thin, long tube through the bladder and ureter into the kidney to find and remove stones. Placing a stent in the ureter facilitates urine drain from the kidney into the bladder.

It is difficult to break large kidney stones with lithotripsy. In such situations, percutaneous nephrolithotomy is a way out. After making an incision in your back or side, experts insert a small tube to reach the stone. High-frequency sound waves help in breaking it up into smaller pieces.

Nephrolithotripsy involves using sound waves or a laser to break up the kidney stone and then vacuums up the fragments with a suction machine.

Open surgery is the last option that doctors opt for in today’s time when modern surgical procedures yield effective results with less pain and complications. However, in rare cases, if a kidney stone is large enough for other techniques, doctors perform open surgery.