Severe pain of appendicitis will make you look for a specialist treating Appendicitis in Jalandhar.

Appendicitis is a large tube of tissue that extends from the large intestine on the right side. Blockage in the appendix causes appendicitis. It is a medical surgery that requires removing the appendix. Blockage can occur due to traumatic injury, intestinal worms, or a build-up of hardened stool. Blockage in the appendix creates suitable conditions for bacteria to multiply and spread infection, form pus, and cause swelling.

Symptoms of appendicitis are loss of appetite, swollen belly, loss of appetite, and mild fever. However, symptoms are very similar to that a person experiences when suffering from other problems like gallbladder problems, urinary tract infections, or gastritis. It makes it difficult to diagnose the problem without a thorough medical check-up. Doctors perform a physical exam to check for appendicitis. It involves checking for tenderness in the lower right part of the abdomen and swelling or rigidity. They recommend some other laboratory tests to see if a body is fighting an infection or a urinary tract infection. Abdominal imaging tests help doctors to be precise about the inflammation of appendicitis. Rare are the chances that appendicitis gets better without surgery.

Doctors perform appendectomy to remove appendicitis from the body. The procedures need the doctor to give general anaesthesia to the patient. With the help of a laparoscope, the doctor removes the appendix through a 4-inch-long cut. Healing and recovery take the time of two to three weeks. Before leaving the hospital premises, the medical team briefs the person on taking care of incision sites. They prescribe antibiotics or pain relievers and also recommend changes in lifestyle and diet plans. Healing and recovery take the time of two to three weeks.

There are no specific ways and measures that can help in avoiding appendicitis. Research studies show that the frequency of appendicitis is less amongst people who eat fruits and veggies.